Footsteps in the Snow

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'Middle Of Everywhere' from Blake Sonnet

'Middle Of Everywhere' is based on the concept of wherever consciousness arises in the universe it is always in the middle looking out into the vastness of time and space.

 - Blake

'Love Is On Your Side' out on 26th February

This is a charity song written in conjunction with Children's Hospice South West all proceeds from the song going directly to them. The song is inspired by the story of Nicola Whitfield Hague who Sadly lost her son Ethan to Tay-Sachs Disease here is a link to her story.

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Middle Of Everywhere

Mother Nature Calling

Mother Nature Calling

Icarus (Burning Sun)

Icarus (Burning Sun)


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Middle Of Everywhere

Hey (Live in London)

A Clearing in the Woods

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Middle Of Everywhere

Footsteps in the Snow

Love Is On Your Side

You Don't Let My Light In

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